Engine treatment RESURS NEXT (remetalizer)

Engine treatment RESURS NEXT (remetalizer)

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Engine restoration technology without overhaul.

RESURS NEXT is a new generation of engine treatment based on the technology of remetalization of worn metal surfaces. The solution helped millions of people in 50 countries for more than 20 years The technology is patented in the USA and Russian Federation.

The bottle contains 2,64 oz. (75 g) of high-quality oil mixed with a special formula of copper, tin, zinc, and MOs2 particles designed to prevent engine wear and friction and cover the worn surfaces with a smooth but powerful layer of metal alloy. Indispensable when passing the exhaust emissions test at MOTs. You will notice the first effects in just 150km.




Bao bì: 75 g

Mã sản phẩm: 4304

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RESURS NEXT is an engine treatment, the action of which is based on the process of remetalization of worn surfaces. RESURS doesn’t change the properties of any oil that is why it is called engine treatment. The particles activate in areas of high friction under high temperature and pressure and fill micro damages on the metal surface of the engines or gearboxes.
Indications for use:

1. oil burn;
2. uneven compression;
3. vibration and noise;
4. smoke; passing MOT exhaust test;
5. insufficient engine power.


In case of very serious engine problems, the RESURS effect is not guaranteed.

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Engine treatment RESURS NEXT (remetalizer)



One bottle for 3-4l of oil;

  1. It is preferred to change the oil and filter;
  2. Warm up the engine to operating temperature and turn off;
  3. Pour the contents of the bottle into the oil filler neck;
  4. Allow the engine to idle for 10-15 minutes.

To restore the surfaces of the engine a sufficient one bottle RESURS Next. In the case of very serious engine problems, the effect of RESURS is not guaranteed.

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