Engine treatment RESURS SUPER (HTHS-stabilizer)

Engine treatment RESURS SUPER (HTHS-stabilizer)

Mã sản phẩm: 5303

Resurs Super additive contains polymers that strengthen oil abilities to form a stronger film, reducing the risk of film rupture in friction couples under high loads.

  • Engine protection
  • Quiet engine work
  • Friction reduction

Universal for all engine types.


Bao bì: 90 ml

Mã sản phẩm: 5303

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Do not confuse RESURS Super with thickeners and oil viscosity stabilizers
Traditional viscosity stabilizers uncontrollably increase the viscosity of the engine oil, making the oil thicker. Due to this, there is a decrease in oil waste. But this only accelerates the agony of the motor, since the thicker oil worse enters the friction pairs.

RESURS Super works in a completely different way: it evens out the HTHS viscosity of the oil with pinpoint accuracy to the value that the new oil had while maintaining the required oil film thickness in friction pairs.

Most effective when working with modern energy-saving oils.
Does not contain solid particles.

RESURS Super additive is necessary when the oil does not cope with its work – the oil film is not able to prevent the contact of surfaces.

  1. With boundary and mixed friction: engine start-up and sporty driving style, traffic jams, and long idling
  2. Forms a protective layer at the micro-level, preventing contact of parts
  3. Works even when the additives contained in the oil are activated
  4. Reduces friction and temperature

It is the first oil additive for engine protection, which works with low viscosity, low SAPS, and energy-efficient engine oils, such as W-20, W-16, W30 A5, and others. The need for these engine oils is obvious and gives a lot of advantages – an increase of acceleration, improvement of vehicle emission standards and in some cars-increasing of engine reliability thanks to designing features.

But, even with all its exclusivity, these engine oils cannot serve during a long period- after only 3000 km these oils stop protecting the engine from wear-as a result, your engine has a short service life period. The lowest border of HTHS viscosity is the beginning of the wear:

HTHS is the engine oil viscosity at the temperature 150C and high share velocity; it is responsible for the thickness of “Oil Shield”, which protects the engine from wear. Sure, you just can change old oil on the new one, but it would not serve the problem, because, for example, use of low-quality fuel, which anyway will penetrate into enough “fragile” already engine oil, even faster destroying it.

Only one sachet of RESURS Super restores all normal characteristics of modern engine oils, and powerful polymer complex as a part of RESURS Super improves antifriction properties of the engine oil several times, making the engine running more efficient and dynamic and allowing you to enjoy the driving your car. Polymeric components of RESURS Super will create the film on the friction surface, reducing the friction coefficient, which is similar to slippery algae on stones in the sea.

  • Warm up the car to operating temperature
  • Pour into the oil filler neck at the rate of 1 sachet for 4 liters of oil.

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