Additive Easy MIX HT (for grease production)

Additive Easy MIX HT (for grease production)

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EasyMix HT additive enables production of LCG EP right from lithium grease at ambient temperatures. It is synergetic mixture of ethers, esters, zinc, sulphur and boron organic compounds, which reacts with lithium 12HS soap converting it to lithium complex EP. It also provides antioxidant properties.

You don’t need to waste extra time and heat to produce LCG, all you need is to add EasyMix HT into your finished lithium grease!


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Prepared complex additive (composed of complicated and plain ethers, zinc, sulfur and boron organic compounds) developed for basic lithium lubricant of any quality. EasyMix HT transforms basic lithium grease into lithium-complex grease with high properties during usual mixing process.


Add 4% to 7% of EasyMix HT 2 to NLGI 2/3 lithium grease without additives (polymers are allowed). Note that the temperature of lithium grease must be less, than 90 °C. Mix with any suitable mixer for at least 30 min. 4% treat rate usually gives drop point around 270-300 °C, 7% treat rate – above 350 °C.

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