Master grease RESURS

Master grease RESURS

Mã sản phẩm: 8601

It is the first product combining the properties of penetrating lubricant, grease and rust converter.


Bao bì: 400 ml

Mã sản phẩm: 8601

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4 reasons to choose RESURS instead of the usual liquid key

  1. RESURS penetrates deeply thanks to low-viscosity oils, making it easier and faster to unscrew oxidized joints and stuck bolts.
  2. RESURS  converts rust into a protective layer and stops its subsequent spread. Prolongs the service life of vehicles.
  3. RESURS lubricates for a long time, unlike solvent based liquid keys which evaporate quickly.
  4. RESURS does not affect rubber seals. Rubber parts do not swell.

Test by yourself

Place the rubber bands in two glasses, fill the first with RESURS, and the second with a liquid key.

Compare the size and elasticity after an hour.


Three actions at the same time

Penetrates deeply

Helps to unscrew jammed and rusty joints.

Converts rust

Contains a rust converter. Extends the service life of mechanisms.

Lubricates for long

Contains synthetic oil that does not evaporate and eliminates squeaks and noises for a long time.

Master grease RESURS
Converts rust into a protective layer against the corrosion for long time. Rubber friendly composition.

Where it can be applied:

  • Jammed joints
  • Brake system: levers, springs, cables
  • Hood and tailgate lock
  • Silent blocks
  • Ppen metal surfaces
  • Hard-to-reach parts that require disassembling

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